Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Economic stimulus rant

YO Dudes.
In congress.
Thanks so much for

A $600 check in my mailbox is NOT an economic stimulus package. It won’t pay off the debt I have had to run up just to keep up, a debt with loan shark rates. It’s not going to cover the property tax increase I am getting this year because the state and the schools and the county are drowning in unfunded mandates. It’s not going to get my daughter, currently in a public school ranking in the bottom 20% of the state, into a private school, or pay for the tutoring and enrichment to keep her apace with her peers in the world. It’s not going to help me buy a house in a better neighborhood with a better school because the median price of a house in my town is TWICE what a median income in my town can afford. Its not even going to cover the increase in our insurance deductible for next year. So while this economic spending package may be making you all feel good and pat yourselves on the back, what I really need is a job that is not threatening to be cut every single year, so I can actually PLAN my family budget. A woman who has to buy winter coats and boots at the thrift store is not really the economic engine you all can count on. What I really need is for you all to stop spending money on a war that is eating up cash faster than you can print it. What would really stimulate my spending is to have the same health insurance and pension package that you all up there on the hill get, and get raises like you all voted yourselves. It also would help if the gas prices would not jump 20 cents in a single day, but hey, that’s a free market. Sounds like a plan. And by the by, where the heck are you getting this money from to PAY for this economic stimulus????? With the interest on the national debt, it sure doesn’t make good financial sense to borrow MORE.

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