Friday, February 1, 2008

winter blues

My inner curmudgeon
Has scuttled out
Of his
Into the grey light of every day
And is flagrantly living in the open.
Drawn forth by
the Bleakness and
Interminability of
this winter.
My heart chills,
My mind dulls,
Ice Crystals form on my better judgement.
Talons of misery
Lock on
To vital organs like hope.
Crankiness flows in every vein.
I speak in snarls and moans.
A permanent frown anchors my jaw.

My inner curmudgeon
Has eaten, buried or bludgeoned
My ever hopeful self
My sunshine self
My wish I was again self.
I am a crusted black splattered snowdrift.

The kids are out of school AGAIN because no one can get anywhere. It took well over an hour to get dug out enough to get to work (my job knows no SNOW days). I am so far behind I can see my own butt running backwards. I am soooo over winter now.

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