Thursday, February 7, 2008


My children have been out of school for two snow days so far, a day when the furnace at school blew up and before this shortest of months ends, they will be out for a conference day, for a presidents day and for mid-winter break???? In the spirit of gratefulness, I will consider each and every one of these days-at-home a Holiday, and you can never have enough of those.
We are a family of many holidays, because life is simply too short not to celebrate.
If a month has a decided lack of ready made days of remarkableness,
We make them up.
This week alone, we have Super Bowl Sunday, Mardi Gras and Chinese New Year
And a Snow Day!!!
A bumper crop I would say.
All requiring Special Foods, ritual activities and traditions To Be Followed.
On Super Bowl Sunday, you must eat specially selected junk foods,
And leave the room during the Game not the Commercials.
Mardi Gras sees the consumption of small crustaceans and the wearing of heaping quantities of beads.
Chinese New Year is firecrackers and dim sum and a hold in the hand dragon.
Snow days necessitate the building of a snowman, hot chocolate and the parent on duty blowing their stack...
But we have other, less noticeable holidays
Last day of school, and first meal at Superdog,
Custer Street Fair Mojito night
And The Most Fireflies in one evening Night.
There is the Renaissance Dinner which is celebrated on a cold winter night when you think Spring will never ever come and you are bored out of your mind
And there is the end of camp season barbecue.
We gather with people we like,
We celebrate.

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