Friday, February 22, 2008


You go away on vacation. It could be a weekend, a business trip, or in my case ten glorious days in an artsy fartsy European city remembering oh yes, I am a creative person capable of all manner of things and a wanderer in my heart. And then, you come home. And its all familiar, but the weight of the tasks at hand, the lunches, breakfasts, dinners, snacks, all healthy and inexpensive, what, and kids and my rehearsal schedule and the mail and the shopping and the laundry and the housecleaning and.... it just buries you. You look around at all the pieces of your life and start to wonder what you need to get rid of. One week of living simply out of a backpack is a very good way to get down to what is important. And I am finding it hard to put away the lenses I was using in Germany to look at the world. I had a really small footprint there, and I was so rich. But meanwhile, I am missing a permission slip, two birthday invitations, and my husband and I are handing off children like batons in a kind of marathon relay to the weekend.......

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