Monday, February 4, 2008


Like most who are feeling the pain of this economy, we did not go broke. We did not experience some tragic catastrophe that radically changed our class and income level in a short time span, no, we are ever so slowly sliding down the ladder of comfortable, and O.K., to struggling, almost without noticing the descent. My husband's business partner stole some money, the lawsuit began gnawing at our lifestyle. My salary stopped keeping pace with inflation, the tax reassessment was stunningly larger than anticipated. Technology reorganized our business and made expensive capital improvements essential with little steady work in sight. Insurance costs and deductibles soared. Gas prices, heating costs, the cost of a gallon of milk all increased. I cut back, let the sitter and the cleaning lady go, stopped getting milk delivered. We gave up meat and then gave up organic food. I stopped buying new and began to troll the half price days at the thrift stores. Kids lessons petered out. I have to say, our lack of consumption is making me very Green. I am forced to be incredibly creative. My family and I have to work together as never before. We work harder and wait for the wind to change.
I know that discretionary income allows you to solve problems--it would be so nice to buy dinner ready made instead of facing the same 4 ingredients which everyone has already told me they hate. In a country where the Have A Lots flaunt it daily in every media there does not seem to be any sort of benefit to being a Have Enough. I doubt I am the citizen all these adverts are geared to. I am just trying to get by...

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